Power Skating

CanPowerSkate is Canada's only nationally regulated NCCP power skating program. CanPowerSkate is designed to focus on the development of 15 basic skill sets divided into three fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility.


This program allows for the opportunity to focus on skating outside of the game or practice. Our CanPowerSkate sessions are instructed by Skate Canada Certified Professional Coaches and delivered in a group format. All ice and coaching costs are included in the registration price.


Prerequisite(s): successful completion of CanSkate Stage 4 or equivalent (e.g., hockey players at the Novice/Atom/Peewee levels and ringette players at the U12/U14 levels). Skaters must wear hockey skates.  Sticks, gloves and CSA-approved hockey helmets are required.  Full equipment is recommended.

Skill Execution Pathway Philosophy

The proper development of a hockey/ringette player will follow a skill execution pathway. For optimal development, this pathway must be used to build a strong foundation for players to apply the CanPowerSkate skills to game situations.


The following list outlines appropriate steps for sport-specific skill development. The CanPowerSkate program focuses on the development of steps one through four, providing some opportunity to explore step five. It is very important that players acquire skating skills in this order to ensure a strong, efficient foundation for other aspects of the game including stick handling, shooting, strategic game play etc.

  1. Correct technique 
  2. Correct technique, with speed 
  3. Correct technique, with pucks/rings 
  4. Correct technique, with speed, with pucks/rings 
  5. Correct technique with speed, with pucks/rings, under stress (game like situations)