Registration for our June Programs is Available Now with July Programs Coming Soon!

Policies and Member Information


Terms and Conditions

  • All transactions will be completed in Canadian Dollars.
  • All programs will take place at the location(s) indicated in the program registration.  Any products purchased on the site will be available at the club office, or at the location(s) indicated.
  • No goods or services on the site are deemed exportable

Privacy Policy

Crowchild Skating Club is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting the Crowchild Skating Club web site. Any further use of the personal information you provide us will be in accordance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Crowchild Skating Club's web site does not automatically gather any specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number or e-mail address. We only obtain this type of information if you supply it by sending us an e-mail or creating an account on our web site. Crowchild Skating Club does not sell or distribute any personal information

Refund Policy

Participants may withdraw from the skating program by submitting a letter of intent and a doctor’s note (if required) to receive the following refunds:

  • 100% prior to September 1 
  • 75% prior to November 1 (Minus Skate Canada fee & arena levy fee) 
  • 50% prior to January 1 (Minus Skate Canada fee & arena levy fee) 
  • 25% prior to March 1 (Minus Skate Canada fee & arena levy fee) 

**There will be NO REFUND for ANY request (including injury) received after March 15th**

Prorated refunds for medical reasons or injuries will be considered with written notification and a doctor’s note, for more than 4 missed consecutive weeks of full skating. Refunds will not be considered for skating partial sessions. The Crowchild Skating Club Executive must receive notice for a refund within 2 weeks of a participant withdrawing from skating.

No refunds will be processed until it has been confirmed that coaches have been paid in full.


Apart from our professional coaches, our club depends solely on volenteers to ensure a smooth operating year. In order to be sucessful and share out the workload, we require volunteers to fulfill many tasks. All families are required to submit a $250 deposit cheque at the beginning of the year. If the volunteer commitment is met, the deposit will be returned.

Watch for emails from our Volunteer coordinator to fulfill your time requirements!


Fundraising is a neccessary component in order to offset program cost. At Crowchild Skating Club we offer the opportunity to raise funds through Purdy's chocolate (which allows you to take care of some of your holiday shopping) and grocery cards from Safeway and Co-op (for your grocery and gas needs). Purdy's chocolates benefit the club up to 25% of the total sales while the grocery cards give back up to 8% on the face value of the gift cards which tends to be purchased in higher amounts. Each skater is required to submit a $100 fundraising deposit cheque.  If the fundraising commitment is met, the cheque will be returned.

Music Playing

One of the most crucial aspects of our on-ice program is to ensure that we have an adult in the music box during ice times. Each family will be responsible for their music playing committments. Music playing will be based on registration and will rotate. Each family is required to submit a $100 deposit cheque for music playing at the beginning of the year. If the music playing requirement is met, then the deposit will be returned.

The music times will be assigned evenly thoughout the year. If you are unable to play a time, it is your responsibility to find a replacement prior to your scheduled date. Training sessions for new member will be offered in the fall. 

Music players are also responsible for taking attendance of the skaters on the ice an inputting Pick-up skaters into the Pick-up binder.