Figure Skating Summer Camp 2017

Training with a Purpose and Skating for Gold

Welcome to the Winning Edge Summer Camp, directed by Brenda Burger.  We are excited to be able to accommodate you at the Crowchild Twin Arenas for your summer school needs.  We have Fun Days and other special events throughout the weeks to make each skater’s practice fun and meaningful. During off ice conditioning, there will be goal setting, mental skill training, jump, flexibility & core training,  along with games. Also, video training on and off the ice.  Spins & Stroking uses a variety of exercises with turns, edges & field movements to improve depth of edges & cardio conditioning.  Theater On Ice  is a fun way to explore creative movement with the use of music and it’s application.

Winning Edge Summer Camp 2017 Brochure

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Summer Camp Schedule for July 3-27
Time Program
8:30-9:30am Sr/Int/Jr 1st Free Skate
9:30-10:30am Sr/Int/Jr: Dance/SS/Spin/Stroking/Theater
10:30-10:45am Flood
10:45-11:45am Sr/Int/Jr: 2nd Free Skate
10:45-11:45am SuperStar
12:15-1:15pm (Mon&Wed) All/ off ice conditioning


Junior/Senior StarSkate Packages
Details Price
Includes 2 Freeskates; Skills/Dance; Spin-Stroking and Theater sessions. 3 hours of ice each day 4 weeks $450.00
3 weeks $370.00
2 weeks $275.00
1 week $145.00
Includes 1 Freeskate; Skills/Dance; Spin-Stroking and Theater sessions. 2 hours of ice each day 4 weeks $315.00
3 weeks $270.00
2 weeks $200.00
1 week $120.00
Drop-In $16.00/Hour
Off-Ice Package
Details Price
4 weeks $120.00
3 weeks $105.00
2 weeks $70.00
1 week $40.00
Drop-In $10.00/class
Superstar Canskate Group Package
Details Date Price
1 hour of ice time; 45 minutes of instruction and 15 min of practice 1 week July 3-6 $75.00
2 weeks July 10-13 $145.00
3 weeks July 17-20 $215.00
4 week July 24-27 $250.00

NOTE: Those purchasing a 3-4 week package can submit 2 equal payments. First payment is due June 12th, the second payment is due on the 1st day of summer camp.

Registration Instructions

  • Complete the following form and click the sign up button.
  • Submit payment in cheque, payable to “Brenda Burger”, to club mailbox at 185 Scenic Acres Dr NW.
  • No Refunds or cancellation after July 3.2016 Unless a valid Doctor’s certification is provided.
  • In the event of cancellation, a $45.00 administration fee will be charged.
  • No post-dated cheques allowed, An administration fee of $45.00 will be charged for all NSF cheques.
  • Contact Brenda @ (403)510-6803

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